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Answer: Fiber internet surpasses cable internet with its superior speed, reliability, and bandwidth capabilities.

Offering lightning-fast symmetrical speeds, fiber ensures seamless streaming, gaming, and productivity, even during peak usage.

Unlike cable, fiber is immune to electromagnetic interference and weather conditions, minimizing downtime and ensuring uninterrupted connectivity.

With its unmatched performance and scalability, fiber internet is the optimal choice for businesses and residents seeking a fast, reliable, and future-proof online experience.

Answer: Fiber Internet, also referred to as Fiber Broadband, uses fiber-optic cables to transmit data at incredibly high speeds, offering much faster and more reliable connectivity compared to traditional copper-based internet connections.

Answer: Availability varies depending on location. We’re actively building the Fiber Broadband network and will be updating our Check Availability tool daily. The best way to be notified when Fiber is available to you is by filling out the form that displays after you input your address on portal.getaccessplus.com.

Answer: Depending on your area, you may be able to order it today! The best step to take is to enter your address at portal.getaccessplus.com. Our system will check availability on your address and display one of the following:

1. Ask a series of questions to learn more about your existing Internet and save your information to notify you as soon as Fiber Internet is ready for you.

2. Offer you an option to pre-order Fiber Internet so that you’re first in line, or

3. Fiber is available, and you can submit an order to have AccessPlus Fiber Internet set up.

Answer: AccessPlus is a trusted local and regional Internet provider that has been delivering reliable internet solutions across the Berkshires and Massachusetts since 2003. We take pride in our rich history of connecting the community, including the implementation of the City of Pittsfield’s fiber infrastructure. We serve a diverse clientele, including commercial enterprises, educational institutions, emergency services, and healthcare facilities throughout the Berkshires.

With a track record of providing multi-gig dedicated internet access, fixed wireless solutions, and custom enterprise networking to businesses statewide, AccessPlus is now extending our reach by introducing fiber broadband to all communities, starting with Pittsfield. Leveraging our existing fiber infrastructure in each city expedites the process, ensuring swift deployment and accessibility.

We are thrilled to bring fiber broadband service to our community and look forward to enhancing connectivity for all our valued customers.

Answer: AccessPlus offers various speed options to accommodate different needs. Your best-fit Fiber Internet speed depends on factors such as the number of users, types of online activities, and devices connected simultaneously.

AccessPlus Business Internet speeds begin at 500Mbps and go up to 20Gbps. Businesses can also opt for Dedicated Internet Access. Residential Fiber Broadband speeds range from 500Mbps to 8Gbps.

Answer: AccessPlus is excited to announce a variety of bundled deals and special offers available year-round. Additionally, our Fiber Internet service is competitively priced to deliver cost-effective, high-quality connectivity for your home or business.

Answer: AccessPlus will bring your Fiber Internet Modem to your business or home. Fiber Internet modems are sometimes also referred to as ONT (Optical Network Terminal). We’ll also bring any Wi-Fi equipment you’ve ordered and set that up during installation as well!

Answer: Yes! Wi-Fi comes with Fiber Internet. When ordering your AccessPlus Internet, you’ll be given Wi-Fi options to choose from. Depending on the bundle you select, Wi-Fi will be included or can be added à la carte.

Answer: AccessPlus offers electronic billing, also referred to as ebill or paperless billing. You'll receive your bills electronically rather than in paper form via mail. These digital bills are sent via email to your email address on file and can be accessed and reviewed within your online account. You can log in anytime at portal.getaccessplus.com.